How to control your TV with your Smartphone

How to control your TV with your Smartphone

There is a lot of cool stuff which you will do with the smartphone. It is more than to receive and make calls, play games, send texts, even setting alarms like traditional functions of the feature phone. Smartphones, will not only go beyond like Facebooking, Instagramming, and playing soccer games, you can use them to control the TV set without a sweat. With the phone, you will select the channel, adjust the volume and also use smartphone keyboard on Netflix or when searching YouTube. So, if the traditional TV remote is destroyed or misplaced, you will continue to use TV before they are rescued. Here is how to control your TV with your Smartphone.

1. You will need the home network

In this, you will need the wireless router which will serve as the base station. This will create the medium for both the phone and the TV to pair them on.

2. Connect the TV to a home network

Next thing which you need to is to connect your TV set to a wireless router. Generally, this is done by using Wi-Fi or by Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable connections are very simple like the ABC while Wi-Fi connection may take some extra time. If a TV has the pre-installed Wi-Fi, then you will be required to connect right away, but if not so, you get the USB Wi-Fi dongle. In this, you will connect to a TV and then follow the prompt in a network setup menu. Then, you can connect to a home network once you have imputed password.

3. Download the remote App

To the smartphone, whether you are running on iOS or Android, you will be required to download the remote app which will help to make things begin. Many TV usually has the unique apps, but the universal remote app will do a magic. You may download a Peel Universal Remotes’ Control for it to become your Merlin.

4. Pair up your TV and smartphone

Once you have downloaded the app, you may now pair the smartphone and the TV. What you need to do is only to follow the prompt on the TV and the phone as well. After that, you are better to go on and enjoy. Using the smartphones as the TV remotes will limit a need of pressing the buttons which could be tiring at times. When you are controlling your TV with your Smartphone, you even do other activities like chatting and then changing the TV channels with a lot of ease without the use of a remote.

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